Hello World!


‘Hello World!’, the very first exercise taught, by tradition, to anyone starting to learn to code, simply because it is considered to require the most basic syntax in any programming language. The ‘Hello World!’ program is also used to test whether the code compiles, to check for basic syntax errors. Sometimes this program is also used by experienced coders just starting off with new languages to get a basic idea of how the syntax behaves, and then they take it on from there.

But here, none of this is what came to my mind when I sat to think about a good name for my first blog, but somehow, Hello World! adds up perfectly. Here’s how.

I’m an engineering student who promised himself two years ago to start a blog, when I’d finally get into a college and have free time. It’s funny because I couldn’t resist the temptation of having my own page with my name on the header. A website dedicated only for your material was just too exciting. So I went ahead and made one, publishing three essays which I had written for my school’s annual magazine given to students at the end of every year.

They sucked. But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, I was really interested in my blog, checking almost everyday for a very long period of time, like, really long, like two weeks or something, before I finally decided to take it down. Having a blog requires work, dedication, research, and free time (I can’t complain), but most of all, something to write about. No matter how obvious that sounds, it’s what made me delete my first blog. If you’re reading with music playing, this is where the inspirational upbeat music transitions to a sadder, probably a violin version of the same instrumental.

Moving on, my interests: Sitting in front of the screen and scratching my head about what exactly I’m interested in makes me sad. The point of starting a blog in a way is to help me develop my own interests, to help my research on topics and understand them to eventually write on them. To build on my opinions and put it out there, rather than just giving it ten minutes of thought while I eat my lunch.

It’s been a while since I’m in college, but never have I felt motivated enough to finally go and type something down. In a few months on joining, I saw a couple others making blogs too. “Okay, maybe now’s a good time to write.”

To anyone reading this, here’s my hello, a welcome to a blog I have no clue how often I will be updating. Probably never after this post, probably this week itself.

Here, typing for my very first post which I’m making a big deal about. I intend to post what I feel over here: opinions, thoughts, experiences, all of those things. Hell, I might even drop a poem once in a while.

Here’s to abrupt endings.

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